About Thermal Barriers Insulation
Thermal Barriers Inc. is based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Under the direction of Tom Semo, founder and President, Thermal Barriers has been helping homeowners protect their houses through the intelligent use of insulating products for over 40 years.

Thermal Barriers only works on existing residential properties - which means we are specialists. Plus, you never have to worry about us prioritizing a commercial property or new construction (or builders) over your job.
Air leaks are frequent culprits for money litteraly going up the chimney like smoke. Whether from drafty windows, poor duct insulation, lack of insulation in older or converted beach homes or the cumulation of poor seals around outdoor faucets, recessed lights and the like, you are paying to heat and cool the air in your home, yet much of it is escaping - costing you money.
After our recent winters, Connecticut residents are familiar with ice dams. Poor attic and roof ventilation is responsible for this problem. Thermal Barriers has the expertise to identify the right solution for your home. President Tom Semo oversees every job personally, to make sure the job is done right - the first time!

Have kids? Live on what has become a busy street? We have a number of noise-reducing insulating products that can bring an added level of serenity and peace to your home.

We use the top quality name brand products in the business. These products have been thoroughly tested for performance and safety. They are designed to be installed once and not require any additional maintenance or replacement.

Whether you are watching the environment or your wallet, improving the insulation in your home makes sense.

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Serving Fairfield County , New Haven County, Litchfield County and surrounding Connecticut cities and towns
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