About Tom Semo, President
Tom Semo has a long history working with insulation products.

Your home is your most valuable investment. It is the place to shelter your family. It should be safe and restful. If there are ways to save money over the years, while protecting your home from damage, he wants to help Connecticut families do so.
The benefits as we look at "green" initiatives are clear - use less energy to heat or cool your home, the better. As prices for oil and gas rise, an investment now is sure to pay off sooner than later.
Tom Semo holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering. He has years of experience in general home construction and has specialized in insulation since starting Thermal Barriers Inc. in 1974.

Clients value that Tom is:

  • a good communicator - if he discovers an issue (e.g., a leak in the attic), he won't bury it, but let you know...even though there is no financial benefit to him
  • efficient - jobs get done in a timely manner...so there is minimal disruption to your life and schedule plus you get to enjoy the benefits that much sooner
  • honest with a strong sense of integrity - when a quote is provided, the homeowner and Tom are working off of best knowledge. If, for example, an area was thought to not have insulation, but discovered once the job is begun that there is insulation, the homeowner is credited/refunded the difference. You are only charged for work done.
  • responsible - he shows up on time and he cleans up after himself and his team. He respects the customer's property.

CT License: 503344
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