Ceiling Insulation
Whether your 2nd story is also your attic or you have cathedral ceilings, adding insulation can help help reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. When you insulate your ceilings, especially when cathedral ceilings are involved, you ceiling temperatures to remain closer to room temperatures, providing an even temperature distribution throughout the house.
The ceiling is the most important place to insulate because up to 45 percent of the heat loss from an uninsulated house is lost through the ceiling. In the summer, an uninsulated ceiling will provide little protection from the heat. Your house will be much more comfortable and energy efficient year-round with a small time and money investment in installing insulation.

An r-value of r-38 is ideal, while r-19 may be considered a minimum.

Thermal Barriers can evaluate what you have and what options exist, especially where space is at a premium. We will make sure adequate ventilation is established when installing any new insulation.

Contact us for a free quote to evaluate what options make the most sense for your home.

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