Office Insulation
A home office is where you may spend the majority of your time while at home. Whether working from home full or part-time or just trying to get a jump on Monday morning's to do list, having a quiet and comfortable space to work is critical to being your most effective.
Updating your windows is a first step to creating a quieter space in which to work. Adding soundproofing insulation is another smart step. Improving the energy efficiency of your space can help keep costs down to heat or cool your home. Think of it as 'getting a raise!'
Blocking street and house noise (dog barking, kids screaming) can improve how professional you across to customers and potential clients (and your boss). If you are working with confidential information, it is important to ensure others can't hear your phone conversations. When participating on conference calls from your office, you want to be able to hear without background noises interfering.
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