Residential Home Insulation

Home Insulation R Value Rating Recommendations from US Gov

Home Insulation R-Values: US Department of Energy

Insulation is rated according to its "r" value or "resistance" value - resistance to heat flow. A higher r-value means higher resistance to heat flow. The cost of insulation will increase based on the higher r-value, but you will also save on reduced ongoing energy costs.

The challenge is when you need to add insulation to an existing home. How do you get into the walls? How do you know how much you need? What r-value is right,, when the ranges are still sometimes pretty broad?

When you're already living in your home, the thought of ripping down walls can be overwhelming. However, with blown-in insulation, the process of addint insulation can be completed in one day, usually! There will be minimal disruption to your home or your routine.

You'll feel the benefits right away - in the comfort of your home and in your wallet.


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