Sidewall Insulation

"Homes lose heat through their sidewalls. Many older homes, built before sidewall insulation had been invented or perfected, are candidates for this upgrade. Measured in square footage, the sidewalls in most houses represent the largest exposure of any area to the outdoors. So it makes sense to make them as resistant to heat flow as possible.

"Several different materials can be used for sidewall insulation: cellulose fiber, fiberglass, and a number of different types of foam. Each will not only retard heat flow from the inside of the house to the outside but will also cut down on air infiltration through gaps in the sheathing and other areas. Some foam products can be injected into sidewall cavities even if there is already insulation in place.

"While sidewall insulation can be installed from inside the house through holes drilled into plaster or drywall, the usual protocol is to do it from the outside. This tricky job is best left to the experts.

"Injection holes can be drilled through wooden clapboard siding and then plugged with paintable plastic caps, or some lengths of the siding can be removed and then replaced after holes have been drilled through the sheathing. Holes in stucco-sided homes can be patched with stucco-cement materials, and vinyl and aluminum siding can be temporarily removed and then replaced after the insulation-installation process is complete."


So save energy heating and cooling the outside! By adding insulation in the sidewalls of your home, you reduce the amount of heat/cool lost plus reduce how much energy is required to heat or cool your home in the first place.
We are trained and experienced professionals working on New England homes since the 1970s. Whether a balloon framed cottage or saltbox or other classic Connecticut style home, we can add insulation to your house with minimal inconvenience or headache to you.
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