What kind of insulation do I need?
What if you won the lottery (congratulations!) and could get all of the insulation you required for your home done, top of the line, maximum r-value...what would you need?
Thermal Barriers Insulation has worked on Connecticut homes for over 40 years. We are experienced in the competing factors that influence developing a comprehensive solution to your insulation needs.
We also recognize that, well, you may not have won the lottery (sorry!). Yet your insulation needs remain. We will work with you to develop a plan to prioritize where you will see the greatest results and energy efficiencies that work within your budget.

Every home is different, especially in Connecticut! There are many styles of construction, different geographic areas (by the beach, in the city, secluded and on the main drag) and quality of home building. It is not a one-size, fits-all.

Keep in mind, as well, that not all products are the same. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is important for all the members of your family to stay healthy. Thermal Barriers Insulation uses products that meet standards for IAQ and never compromises your safety for inferior products.

Contact us for a free quote to evaluate what options make the most sense for your home.

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