What should I expect?

Depending on what insulation project you are getting done, the process will vary slightly. In all situations, we promise to treat you and your home with the upmost respect. We will be careful to protect your property and to clean up thoroughly after every job and every night of the job.

Blown-In Insulation & Other Insulation Projects

Tom and his team will arrive between 8:30 and 9 am and most jobs are finished within one day. As the homeowner, all you will need to do is:

  • to provide space in the driveway for the truck
  • to provide access to spaces to be treated (e.g., crawl space or attic)
  • to provide access to the fuse box

Thermal Barriers Inc. takes care of the rest.

We put down ample drop cloths throughout, vacumn when the job is complete and remove all debris. For jobs that might require sheeting to prevent air-borne movement of dust or particles, we install those. We put down runners to protect your floors, and even clean any debris that might fall into the bushes or lawn.


We will park our truck in the driveway, extend the electical cord to the fuse box (so as to not overtax your system), extend the hose to the attic and instal the blown-in insulation. Upon completion, we will clean up and remove any debris.


We will park our truck in the driveway and connect to your fuse box. Using our own laddars, we will put holes into the outside walls and blow in the insulation. We will replace any shingles necessary. If you have extra pain on hand, we will even do the touch up painting where the holes were drilled.


We will park our truck as close to the garage as possible. Holes will be punched in the ceilings or walls as needed, insulation will be blown-in, we will fix the sheet rock and remove the debris.

Tom Semo, owner, will be on site for every residential job.



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Venting for Roofs/ Attics

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